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Honduras Team


Our Team will be leaving Fresno on Saturday,  July 12, 2008!  We arrive in San Pedro Sula, Honduras Saturday evening and early Sunday morning will drive to the little village of Colinas de Santa Barbara. We will spend the next 12 days with Colinas as our home base.  Each day we will go to a different village in the area to provide medical and dental work for the families who come to the clinics.  Our team will help with set up, pharmacy, intake, and those in the medical field will help with patient care.  Additionally, we will have a local health educator and evangelist who will travel with us to teach about health related issues and share the gospel. Each team member will have a chance to share their testimony.  We will return home on July 26th.  We would love to have you be a part of this trip by following the blog (we will try to post every couple of days) and most importantly, by praying for us as we seek to serve the people of Honduras.


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  1. June.26.2008

    I thank God for your willingness to serve. Being an obedient person or just a person who cares about others is a tremendous encouragement to humankind.

    I am a Honduran, living in Alabama. Although this is the first time I ever called myself that. However since my grandparents are from Honduras, I guess I am.

    God Bless you.

    I’ll check back later in July to see how things are going.

    adios y “Via con dios”

  2. darlene permalink

    Hola! Thanks for checking in with us. We will do our best (as internet service is sometimes a bit unreliable) to keep everyone posted.

  3. Josephine permalink

    Hello Fresno team,

    I’m a member of Compass Fellowship Church (NY) and we are also sending a team out to Colinas…we will meet you in Honduras…looking forward to meeting you guys and seeing what God will do…


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