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We Have Arrived!


Family and Friends

We arrived in Honduras around 8 30 last evening which was about one hour late.  Our hosts, Gustavo and Jorge, were waiting right outside of customs.  It was nice to see a face we knew from last year.  All bags arrived and we had no problems with customs.  We were taken to a place called Power Chicken for a family style meal of chicken, ribs, fried plantains and fried Yucca.  It was a delicious meal.  We stayed at the home of a family who built a dorm type house next to their own for missionaries to stay.  We are up and taking our last hot showers for the next couple of weeks, and then will have breakfast at 7 and off to church by 8.  After church, we will pack up and head out for our 2 hour drive to Colinas de Santa Barbara.  We will stay in a church that has a bunk house, possibly in a couple of homes, and some in a hotel.  All in the same block from what we understand.  There are about 10 others from around the US on this trip as well.  No hotel in Colinas has room for 22 plus people.  This evening we will sort our medication and supply bins and get them packed.  We will leave at 7 AM Monday morning for our first village.  Depending on how well the internet cafe is working, we will try to post every couple of days.  Thanks for your prayers and support.

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  1. Allie Penner permalink

    Hey mom #! and mom #2, we are so glad to hear that you made it safely and with your bags! We continue to pray for you. We already miss you. The dogs are still alive and Aubrey is as cute as ever. The dads are being fed well (we keep checking on them!) Much love from Fresno!
    Jesse and Alllie

  2. Jenn Vocalino permalink

    Yea! You’re safe! I heard the flight into Florida was an adventure. Please tell Gustavo, Martha and Jorge I said hello. I wish I was there with you. Are you in the same “hotel”? Have fun, be ready for anything and hold on tight in the back of the pickup! I’m praying for you.

    Jenn Vocalino

  3. July.15.2008

    Hey Rachel we are glad that you arrived safely. Everyone is praying for you and we wish you a great trip. Everyone is checking on me to make sure that I am okay and making sure that I am doing my hunny-do-list. I am done with page 1 of 20. I had better hurry and finish before you get back. The house has not burned down. Toto misses your runs. I am not fast enough for her. Fudge is doing okay also. Hi Aunt Rachel I hope you are having a good time and I am saying prayers for you. I spoke to Sydney and she said to say Hi and she loves you a lot and she misses you. I am very proud of you for the work you are doing over there. My prayers are with you and your team. God Bless and I love you.

    Eddie, Sydney, Toto, Fudge, and Abigail

  4. Doug & Debbie permalink

    Hi Sabrina, We’re glad to hear you made it OK, hope things are going well. You are in our thoughts and prayers. We miss you!

    Doug & Debbie

  5. Emily R permalink

    Hey Artikkus and team!

    Hope all has been well and blessed these first few days of clinics! My prayers are constant for you all! Miss you!


  6. Landon permalink

    miss you stinky. I ate a salad that was mushy, and rasberries that were moldy, and old egg rolls that were soggy. So, the leftovers are gone, and I made cookies for dinner… But the dogs are great. Miss you a ton. Love you and praying for you.

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