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We have just finished our second day of clinics.  We saw 113 adults and children yesterday along with 35 dental including 60 pulled teeth.  The eye doctor saw around 35 patients.  By the end of today, everyone knew their jobs well and we had seen another 125 patients.  Not sure yet how many in dental, but it was more than yesterday.  The eye Dr. saw at least as many as yesterday as well.  Today, we drove an hour and a half up a very windy, rough road to a little village nestled on a steep hillside.  Banana trees with coffee growing under them are everywhere.  This particular village had lots of infection, Dengue Fever, and high blood pressure.  The children are quite small due to lack of good food. 

Margie and Kathy are helping patients get where they need to go.  They help the clinic run smoothly.  Ron, Taylor and Erica are doing intake which is taking blood pressures, temps, weight, and complaints that patients want to be seen for.  Rachel is helping the Peds. Dr. examine babies and children.   Art is a general helper who figures out who needs help and does that.  Micah, Darlene, and Heather are running the pharmacy.  Next week, Darlene and Heather will see patients.  Kaitlin will forever be know in Honduras as the girl who played endlessly with the children!  Sabrina has seen about 33 Physical Therapy patients and done a group demonstration on how to pick things up properly.  We have had a great time watching the health educator teach the people, have enjoyed watching him preach and the people respond to the need for Jesus in their hearts.  All of us will get a chance to give our testimonies before the trip is done.  Most of the team has some experience with Spanish and already, we are getting better at it! 

We are here with a team from New York City.  Three Doctors and a Dentist.  The doctors are in residency and work at the main trauma center in NYC.  Amazing Stories! 

Our team has been wonderful.  The ladies are all in this tiny room with 6 bunkbeds and no room to move.  We have one cold shower which was just a trickle tonight.  The boys are scattered in various homes and are living much the same as the girls.  Everyone has been flexible and gracious to our cooks and Honduran leaders.  Each morning before we head out we have a time of singing and devotions. 

We love and miss you all.

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  1. Susan Bologna permalink

    I’m Margie Penner’s sister from Niagara Falls Canada.
    I just read your entry for July 16, we are only on July 15. You are all doing an amazing job! May God Bless you and keep you all safe. I will keep you and your work and the people in my prayers.

    Love Susan

  2. Emily R permalink

    Thank you so much for the update and letting us know what each person is doing and where they are staying. I hope you are all healthy as well! The first few days of your clinics sound amazing! Keep up the good work you are all doing for the Lord. May your strength come from Him!


  3. Fanchers permalink

    Glad to hear that you got there okay. We will be in prayer for you guys. Luke says “Hi.” Keep up the great work. Tell Jorge and Gustavo that we say hi. Be safe.

  4. Tami permalink

    Hi Margie, I’m so proud of you for being so brave. Thanks for the updates. It reminds me of the hurting world outside my life and my blessings. Take care, girl friend, I’m praying for you and the other servants. Love you. Tami

  5. Suzanne S. permalink

    We are so happy all of you arrived there safely and everything is running smoothly. The Clinic sounds awesome and all of us are so proud of you for doing God’s work. We miss you and will continue to pray for you hon. Also, we survived the thunderstorm up in the Park but afterwards we got sucked dry by mosquitos. Hope you are having better luck with bugs!
    Lots of Love. Suz, Oren, Mitch, Cout, Troy, Steph, Mike and thx Sandra!

  6. July.17.2008

    Hi to everyone…this is Erika’s mother, Cathy. It was nice to hear from you and all the progress you have made thus far. Erika, I was excited to see your name and what your duties have been. What a way to get experience. We are so proud of you. Stay safe and healthy. We miss you lots. Love, mom, dad, Kristen, Kris, Lexus, Jake, rat head and of course, the goats!

  7. Guy C permalink

    Taylor and fellow missionaries….

    Keep up the awesome work. So proud of you sis’. Keep safe and healthy.


  8. July.17.2008

    Hi Art,

    Mom and I are very glad you and the team are doing well. We received your emails and sounds very exciting!! What a blessing of a lifetime to be serving God’s children. Keep up the good work and your co-workers are all asking about you. Can’t wait to see all the pictures from your trip.

    Love Mom and Dad

  9. Suzanne B permalink

    I am excited for what you all are doing in the global kingdom of God. I went on that trip last year and fell in love with the country, the people, and the hospitality. Take every moment in no matter how hot or rainy it is. Enjoy the sudden thunderstorms, the rides in back of the trucks, the plantains, and time with Gustavo, Jorge and your interpreters. I am praying for your safety, energy, your view of the world to be through God’s eyes, and for you to be the vessels of blessing for the people as well as for you to recieve blessings from this trip as well. It’s the most amazing experience I have ever had and I hope that when you time is over, you can say the same thing.

    Sabrina, you better ride in the back of the truck. Darlene and Micah, any of our friends back again? Kathy & Margie, you ladies are wonderful.

    Suzanne Bradford

  10. July.18.2008

    God Smiles When We Use Our Abilities

    He has shaped each person in turn; now he watches everything we do. Psalm 33:15 (MSG)

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