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Alianza, Honduras


Good afternoon family and friends.  We have just finished our day at a very remote village that is situated near the top of one of the mountains 1 and 1/2 hours from Colinas de Santa Barbara.  The view was amazing as we rode up very windy, bumpy, and very steep roads.  It is a wonder anyone ever travels on these roads!  Of course the people of these mountains walk up and down them as if it was nothing.  It was very cool up on the mountain and the clouds were coming and going all day – threatening, but never producing rain. 

This particular village seems to have a little more money, they seem in better health than any we have been at since we have been here.  We saw 105 medical patients, 28 eye patients and the dentist did 10 fillings and pulled around 60 teeth.  Art is getting good at extractions – the dentist prepares the tooth and he uses the forceps to extract.  It takes a fair amount of strength and the dentist, whose name is Emily, weighs around 100 lbs.  So Art has been a big help to her.  The pharmacy is running well with Heather, Darlene, Micah and Ron.  Rachel continues her duties with the pediatric doctor and with her experience has been a great help as the doctor is still in residency and Rachel has more real life experience.  They make a great team.  Sabrina is still teaching people about bending, picking things up, and general body mechanics.  She also is improving her Spanish!  Kaitlyn has managed to endear herself to not only all the kids of each village, but to the kids of Colinas.  She has been buying them shoes and a few toys with money donated for that purpose.  Erika and Taylor are still enjoying intake and are making great progress on their medical Spanish.  They almost don´t need interperters for some of the problems.  Kathy and Margie continue helping people get where they need to go.  Kathy is great at Spanish and the children love her!  Margie has been a great help to the dentist who is bending over the chairs and so Margie gives her little mini massages to get her up and going again. 

Jorge, the health educator and evangelist for the trip has seen some amazing stories.  Today alone we had 11 decisions for Christ.  The people are so open and receptive to the idea of Christ in their lives.  It is amazing to watch him preach and to see the response.  The medical care we give is temporary, but we are seeing eternal changes in the lives of many people.  Today, one of the doctors made a house call to bring pain medicine and prayer to a 50 year old woman who is dying of intestinal cancer.  She was so blessed by the medicine as she did not have any and is truly in her last few days.  She will rest easier for her last days and is ready to meet the Lord.

Well, that is all for now.  We are all well, most have had a little grumble in their stomach and a little Montezumas Revenge that you expect with traveling – but everyone is healthy and working hard.  We love and miss you all and thanks for the posts that are such an encouragement to all.

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  1. Susan Bologna permalink

    Hi Margie and All,
    Keep up the good work! Your trip up the mountain sounds very much like hard work, with the road conditions. But it certainly seems that you are all doing a fantastic job and helping so many people.
    Bless you all! Thinking of you and praying for you.

    Love Susan

  2. July.18.2008

    Margie – I went to sleep praying for you last night. I dreamed that you were wearing a purple shirt and pink shorts, with a cute scarf around your head, kept wanting us to yell “backpack” and called yourself Dora. REALLY!

    I love reading about your work in Honduras. I see the “Alaskan Cruise” slipping away and am seeing the “Prayer Warriors” on a Honduras mountaintop; Lori as the nurse, Cyndy clearning everyone’s teeth, Tami teaching the people, and me playing with the little kids. Okay – you can be the leader and we will call you Dora. I love you and miss you.

  3. Dianne permalink

    Thank you for the regular updates. Moms and Dads worry about their adult kids and this is a great way to know all is well. We are proud of you Sabrina. Our prayers are with all of you.

    Keep up God’s work!

  4. July.18.2008

    Erika, Sorry to hear about your “explosive” episode. Thank goodness you have antibiotics with you.. Make sure you stay hydrated with BOTTLED WATER. Send our best to your group. You are always on our mind. Love, M/D/K/K

    P.S. nothing new to report from Visalia and yes, your rat is still alive

  5. Katie permalink

    It is wonderful to read about the awesome things you all are doing!
    Heather- Keep up the great work! (some of the food sounds yummy…we’ll have to try to make the Tamalitos when you get back =-)). Can’t wait to hear more about your experiences and all the wonderful people you are meeting! Take Care and God Bless! Luv ya!

  6. July.19.2008

    You are missed at The Well office… I continue to put things in omnifocus for people to do, but they just stay there… Andrew is chasing his tail… Dan is in a perpetual state of straightening the chairs… Holly just keeps mumbling random numbers… Eric has lost 114 pounds… and I can’t remember how to open excel. Needless to say, it is complete chaos without you. It is like trying to roof an orphanage after eating a spicy pepper and chicken claw soup, while being severely dehydrated, without and i.v., all concurrent with a bad case of GoetzLao disease.
    FYI – Andi is hanging in their.
    Say hi to everyone for us from the Well office.
    Tim Goetz

  7. Susan Bologna permalink

    Hi Margie and All,
    I love to read your article to see all the good work that you as a team are doing.
    Take care and again may God Bless your team for taking the time out of your life to help so many people that can’t help themselves.

    Love Susan


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