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Klassen Family Update #2


We are doing great – no sickness or stomach ailments whatsoever- Thank you for your prayers in this regards! We are having so much fun enjoying VBS, our family, the food, and the cultural aspects of Bali. The Balinese people are warm and welcoming! What a treat to be toured around by Barry and Geri (Ben’s sister and bro-in law) we definitley have experienced life here in Bali that a regular tourist would miss.

VBS has been great. What a joy to see Fletcher and Mckenzie serving others in this capacity. Fletcher and his cousin Quinton are in charge of the games and Mckenzie is a group leader for the 3-4 year olds with her cousin Sheena who is 16. The day camp kids are loving the activities -the theme is Waterworks so one of the highlights was tying Fletcher’s and Quins hands behind their backs and when the kids said their memory verse they could throw a wet sponge at their faces! The little kids love to run and around with spray bottles and spray all the leaders. Sheena and I are doing a skit each day -we are little people with Fletcher and Quin as our arms – very funny and the kids think we are hilarious! Barry is a great guitar player so he makes up songs for the memory verses- Ben is the whistle blower – loves that ! All in all we are having a great time with the kids who live on Bali but originate from Australia, France, India, Britain and the US. We are definitley a ministry to the Mom’s of the little kids who get a break for a few hours!

Yesterday we went to an Indonesian orphange where we worked a bit on a construction project and played games with the kids. After that we went to a famous Hindu temple called tandehlot. It was built on a rock that juts out into the ocean. Amazingly beautiful- we ate dinner overlooking this – the most beautiful dinner seats I have ever had – the dinner was so delish- chicken sate, fried rice etc. for about $2.00 a piece! Food is cheap!

It is sad to see so many Hindus spending the little money they have on offerings to their “gods” who if they make angry will not protect them or will in fact hurt them. It really makes us appreciate our Sovereign Lord who accepts as we are and loves us so much that He would send His Son to be our bridge back. We have peacethrough Jesus and they have fear.

We feel like millionaires as when we take money out of the ATM we take out a Million rupias- this is about $100 US! Ben feels like a big spender when he hands Fletch a 50,000 bill- this is about $5!!!!

Today after VBS we went to a factory tour of a coffee factory called Kopi Bali. The owner goes to Barry and Geri’s church. This is where they have the Luwak cat that poops out the $100 coffee beans. So neat to see the all the beans and hear the story. It is delicious coffee too!!

Mckenzie had a treat this afternoon – she went wax skating — real skates- pink mind you on wax – Fletcher tried too – not sure if it will take off in the states and Canada but how many people can say they have wax skated – for $2.50 US too!

Well that is the update- our highlights have been laughing till our sides ache with Bear and Ger and their kids, serving all together, driving amongst millions of motorcycles,enjoying Balinese culture, the coffee tour and all the yummy Thai food!

Please continue to pray for us- our health – we all have multiple mosquito bites despite Bug spray and sleeping under nets, that we could share the gospel clearly in the next few days with the kids and at our closing barbecue, and for safety as we travel. Thanks!

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  1. The Honduras team permalink

    Hi Klassen Family,
    The Honduras Team is praying for you! Keep up the good work.

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