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We depart today!!


Well, the South Africa team is ready to head to S.A.  We are driving to San Francisco, will fly out at 10:30 headed for Atlanta. We have a 9 hour stay there (we will venture about the city a bit) then we fly out at 3:30 p.m. headed to Johannesburg S.A. We are scheduled to arrive in Jo-burg at 4:30 Monday afternoon. From there we take the 5 hour drive to Giyani and our village of Mahvusa.

The team has been gathering quite a bit over the last few months and we all seem to be spiritually, emotionally and physically fit for our journey for the Lord. We would certainly appreciate your constant prayers as we are away. And we will be praying for you all as well.

Since we don’t have phone or email access in our village we will try to get to Giyani as often as we can to send you all a message and update on what is going on. Our hope is to send something every third day.

Thanks everyone for your support and prayer, with God’s guidance we will be humble disciples for Him and we pray to also represent our wonderful church, The Well, in a Godly manner. 

Contact you once we get to the other side our our beautiful planet!!

In His service,

The South Africa Team

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  1. The Honduras team permalink

    Hello from the Honduras Team. We are praying for you and look forward to hearing of your safe arrival. We will think of you often this week.

  2. JenBell permalink

    Praying for you guys! Thanks for serving. . .

  3. Peter Nagel permalink

    Hi Karen, I guess you and your group made it to Giyani-Limpopo by now. How was the trip? Did you get to sleep on the plane or was there too much excitement?? Write when you can.
    Peter & Mom

  4. Patti Heinrichs permalink

    Hi Tracy,
    Hope you’re doing well and that you slept on your flight. Was it the longest 18 hours ever? Love you lots and we will be praying everyday (several times a day!) and for your whole team that the Lord will use you in amazing ways!
    Love, Mom & Dad

  5. Terri Lieberman permalink

    Hello African Team,
    It was wonderful to hear that you arrived safely in Giyani. What joy you must feel as you fellowship with the villagers and share the love of Christ with them. I pray that your hearts would be encouraged, your minds would be filled with the power of His word, and your bodies would love with all the strength you have. Go in power and expect God to accomplish His will through you!

    With much love,
    Terri Lieberman

    P.S. Hi Dave! You are thought of more than you can possibly imagine!

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