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Our Town, Colinas de Santa Barbara


Yesterday and today we spent time serving the people of the town we are staying in.  We set up clinic as usual in a school and saw many problems that are a bit different than in the mountains.  The people are more educated about their problems, bring lab tests, and have access to follow up.  Today we finished by noon, came home for lunch and then had time to take a nap, talk and take a walk up to the cross that overlooks the town.  It is a steep climb, but worth the effort as you can see the whole area and the river.  We have made friends with many of the children and so we had some company on our hike.  These kids hike over steep rocks and slippery places with flip flops or even barefoot.  Many do not have shoes, but even if they did, they are so used to going barefoot.  Our cook, Candita continues to feed us lots of great food.

Kaitlyn had a great day today as she continues to have an impact on the children here in Colinas.  She has been talking to them for several days and today 9 little boys asked if they could ask Jesus into their hearts.  Kaitlin went to get a translator to help her and they prayed with the boys and had them repeat the prayer.  They hung out with us most of today.  We are so thankful to witness changed lives and we will bring them to church tomorrow night when we go.

Our fellow team members from New York left today and along with them the dentist, 2 physicians and a physicians assistant.  Next week it will be our team plus 3 others.  Should be challenging as Heather, Rachel and Darlene will be seeing patients along with the local doctor.  Everyone else will do their same jobs and Art will help in the pharmacy since there will be no dentist.  Sabrina will continue on with her PT and is a big help with some of the musculoskeltal problems we are seeing.

We had some excitment in the girls room this evening as Margie, Kathy, Heather and Erica found a scorpion in our room.  Luckily, we have very brave Ron, Art, and Micah to come to our aid and the scorpion met an untimely death but not before Ron took pictures of it.  Speaking of pictures, Ron has taken some amazing ones and we can´t wait to share them with you all.

We are very excited for Sunday as we will get up early and take a three hour trip to Copan, the ancient Myan Ruins.  We asked about this and our host Gustavo thought we would enjoy it so the whole team is excited.  When we return, we will go to an evening church service here in Colinas. 

Thats about it for now.  Hope all is well back home.

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  1. Emily Royster permalink

    Hey Art and Team!

    Once again thanks for the amazing updates, whoever writes them is doing a wonderful job keeping us all informed! I appreciate it!

    Good luck as you start your second week! Sorry, Art, that you won’t be able to pull out anymore teeth but I hope you’ll enjoy the experience in the pharmacy. I’m glad you all had three brave men (especially that spaniard) to save you from the scorpion! And the Myan Ruins (where one of the Suvivor shows took place!), I’m jealous! That should be awesome. Take pictures and if you see Jeff Probst, tell him hi for me 🙂 !

    My thoughts and prayers are ever with you as you serve our mighty Lord and his children in Honduras!


  2. Katrina Sherfield permalink

    Hey Darlene,

    I miss you. The office is not the same without you. Holly and I have to put up with Tim by ourselves, and without you his sanity has temporarily left, so while I’m happy for the ministry that’s happening in Honduras I’m ready for you to be back 🙂

    Thanks for the updates – looking forward to hearing more when you return and seeing pictures.

    Praying for all of you!



  3. Susan Bologna permalink

    Hi Margie and Team,

    I agree with Emily Royster, your trip is awesome in more ways than one.

    Margie, I just spoke with Mom, she is keeping all of you in her prayers, daily. I just updated her with your July 20th. day of activities. She was so happy that I shared your time in Honduras with her.
    All the best to you and the team for week two. God Bless you and of course keep you safe from all the creepy crawly things and any other dangerous things that may come your way.

    Love from Mom and Susan

  4. July.21.2008

    Hi to everyone,
    Erika, what an exciting roommate you girls found in your room. Hope you are feeling better. Bless you on the days to come. Love M/D/K/K

  5. Tami permalink

    Hi Margie and Team, Thank you for the updates and stories. We can’t wait to see pictures. My mom sends her love and prayers also. We are roughing it in Aptos, but praying for you. It is exciting to hear about Jesus being shared along with the medical help. I think Kris might be setting up the Prayer Warriors for our next calling. Love and prayers, Tami

  6. Wendy Janzen permalink

    Hey, Margie and Team,

    God is certainly blessing what you are doing! How exciting that 9 little boys now have a new Best Friend! It is so wonderful that you are meeting their spiritual needs while fulfilling their physical needs. I will keep you in my prayers.

    Love, Wendy

  7. July.21.2008

    Hi Rachel and Team,

    You are doing such a great job in Hunduras. We are very proud of all the work that you are doing for the people of Honduras. That was a great thing to hear about the 9 boys who gave their life to Christ. That is what this trip is about. You are not only teaching these people about God and health/medical issues, but they are teaching you about their culture and giving you experiences that you will never forget. Sounds like the scorpion was looking for some new friends. Everyone back here at home is praying for you and know that you are doing an awesome job. Brad gave an awesome service on Sunday on John 7. You should watch it on the internet if you get the chance. Rachel, everyone here says hi and is praying for you and the team. Coach said to say hi and to keep running those hills. He said he is always watching. I told him that he will need to call you Dr. Rachel when you get back. Rahcel I love you and I know you are doing wonderful things over there. I will see you Saturday. Have a Blessed week and take lots of pictures. Have fun at the Ruins and the Beach.

    I love you,


  8. Karl Janzen/St. Catharines Ontario Canada permalink

    I’ve enjoyed reading your updates. I can see that you will have a great impact on the communities you visit but it seems to me that not only the lives of the people you minister will be changed. This trip will leave an indelible imprint on each of you. Greetings to Margie.

  9. JenBell permalink

    What an impact you guys are having!! I can’t wait to see pictures… Thanks so much for giving your time, energy and now your hearts to this endeavor.. Wish we could be serving in person, but will be your prayer support for now!

    “I know myself to be perfectly helpless. I cannot promise to do or to be anything; but I do want to put everything else aside, and to devote myself entirely to the service of Christ.” Elizabeth Prentiss, More Love to Thee

  10. July.23.2008

    Erika this is your brother, Kris. Miss you and love you. Hope you are having a fun time. Your tall brother…

  11. Landon permalink

    love you!


    Hi Micah!

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