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The Myan Ruins, The Big Rain, and More Patients!


On Sunday, we packed ourselves into a van and one other SUV and drove around 3-4 hours to the Department of Copan and the Myan Ruins.  This site is 2000 years old and is continuing to be excavated.  We had a guide named Antonio Rios, aka ¨Tony Rivers¨.  He learned English through the American Army and has worked as a translator for the the different archeological teams that come here from Stanford and Penn State.  He was quite the character, but gave us a great tour, explaining the different signs and symbols, the sport courts, stairways, the Kings homes, and many other details we could not have known on our own.  We all took lots of pictures!  From there we had a meal at a great place in Copan – a little town that looks almost European with cobble stone type street and lots of traffic!  We were around 12 Km. from the Guatemala border.  We stayed there just long enough to eat and then there was an amazing downpour!  We were afraid we would not be able to get home.

Monday we were in the little village of La Florida.  It was more tropical and lush then the other villages as it was in a valley.  There were more bugs, lots of itchy people and the morning started off with a lot of prayer for the nurses who are now playing doctors!  We saw 130 medical patients between 1 doctor and 3 nurses.  PT had a high number of 23 patients seen.  We arrived back to our ¨home¨just in time to avoid the biggest rain any of us had ever seen.  I do not think Fresno would survive this kind of downpour.  You could walk out into the street and it was rushing fast enough to feel like the ocean receeding on your legs.  Lots of thunder and lightning and of course we lost our electricity.  We had dinner by candle light.  The electricity came back on after about 2 hours.  It rained all night.

Today was one of our warmest days and we were fairly close to Colinas.  We drove about 20 minutes to a village called Piedra Grande.  Margie, Darlene and Kathy stood in the back of the truck and the younger team members tried to hold their laughter at the sight of the older generation trying to hang on to the roll bar.  It really was no problem!  This village had many scabies and rashes and we all felt itchy by the time we left – a common feeling when we see rashes and itchy people!  Darlene and Heather did a house call for a lady who is 40 years old with Breast cancer and mets. to her bones.  There is not much that can be done here and so we gave her some stronger pain medicine, something for nausea, and helped the family learn how to care for her now that she cannot walk or move well with her pain.  She is surrounded with a wonderful family and a loving husband and 4 children.  We asked her if she knew Jesus and she said yes.  We prayed with her and then it was time to go.  Her husband was very grateful that we took the time to see her and assured us that he had hope in Jesus and knows that when her time comes, she will go home to Jesus.  It was a moving experience to see these people deal with so much heartache.  It was hard to keep the tears back.  What a privilege to serve!   We arrived home earlier than usual and have some time to rest. 

Everyone is feeling strong, eating well, sleeping OK, and we haven´t seen any more scorpions for which we are all thankful.  Many decisions have been made for Christ already this week and the people are so appreciative of our work.  Many times we hear the people day ¨God bless ÿou for coming¨. 

Hope all is well back home.  We will be home on Saturday!!! Looking forward to a warm shower!

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  1. Susan Bologna permalink

    Hi Margie and Team,
    “Wow” what a way to start a week! Lots of rain, bugs, itchy feelings and more rain. Well, I sure give all of you so much credit for going out there and doing this amazing job. You all will never forget this work and the people that you have reached and helped. I’m sure they will never forget you and wish that someone could always be there with them. I’m glad there have been no more scorpions and hopefully that was the only one.
    So take care and God Bless You All. Mom wishes you well Margie and prays for all of you to return safe.

    Love Susan

  2. Kimberly Cornelius permalink

    I am so excited to be able to read about the journey that you all are experiencing! It literally put a smile on my face as I read this last post – God is doing amazing things through y’all in Honduras. I can’t wait to see pictures!

    Hugs to everyone,
    Project Coordinator
    MMI Texas office

  3. July.24.2008

    You are doing an awesome job for the kingdom of God. An experience you will never forget. Here’s to good weather and travel safety. Erika can’t wait to see you. Love M/D/K/K

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