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SWe Have Finished The Task!


First of all we need to correct the spelling of Mayan – so sorry for the missspelling!!

Today we finished our last day of clinics in the Colinas area.  The town we were in was San Miguel – this time we went down the mountain to the village.  This also meant that it was much warmer – in fact nearly like sitting in an oven and seeing patients.  We saw 121 medical patients and 45 eye patients.  We gave out nearly 500 prescriptions and did health education to all of the patients we saw.  Just as an example, we teach about breast exams to the ladies and today, we had two ladies come back to see the doctor after finding a lump.  We were able to check them and give them prescriptions to go to the main town of Santa Barbara and have further testing done.  It is amazing to see that we can really make a difference. 

Last night we were able to hear our health educator and evangelist, Jorge, tell his story and give his testimony.  Born here in Honduras, he was raised by his grandmother with 9 other children, had some rough teenage years, and finally ended up in prison here in Honduras.  Once released, he walked across the border near Mexicali for 12 hours to find his wife and children who had come to LA when he was in prision.  There he slid back into drugs and eventually began selling them which landed him in prison again.  Here the Lord met him in an amazing way!  He began to read and study God´s Word which led him to preaching and evangelism.  He also worked in the prison hospital which is where he learned all of the medical knowledge he uses to teach today.  He also preaches the word everywhere he goes.  God truly performed a miracle in his life!!

Tonight, we thought we were going back to San Pedro sula, but it turns out that the city wants to thank us at a public meeting (in Spanish of course).  So we will be staying another night with all of the critters that have been biting our legs and invading our space.  Tomorrow we will drive very early to San Pedro Sula and then over to the Bay of Honduras for a quick swim in the warm ocean! 

We are looking forward to our return flight on Saturday and a good hot shower.  We are also looking forward to understanding conversations instead of waiting for someone to explain what has been said  to us.  On the other hand, it is somewhat sad to leave this sleepy little town that has been our home for two weeks.  We will miss Saturday night mass in the church we are staying in, we will miss the many perro’s (dogs) that wander the streets, roosters that crow starting around midnight trying to outdo one another, and the sweet cooks that have fed us so well, but begin anywhere from 3:30 to 4:30 AM with their kitchen duties.  We will also miss walks up to the cross, walks around town, playing with the children, the armed guards at the bank across the street, the gracious hospitality of the people, their gratefulness towards us, and just the sights and smells of Colinas.  Our prayer is that we never forget what we have learned on this trip and the amazing things God has done through us on this trip.  We also are looking forward to how God will incorporate this experience into our future lives in the USA. 

We can´t wait to see you all!

Micha, Art, Ron, Darlene, Margie, Kathy, Taylor, Erica, Kaitlin, Rachel, Heather, Sabrina

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  1. Susan Bologna permalink

    Hi Margie and Team,

    So your journey has come to an end, but like your letter says hopefully you will never forget this place, people, and things that you have learned, and all the experiences. I will miss hearing from you all. May you all get home safe and live a wonderful life. God has blessed you for these past two weeks and I pray that he will continue to Bless each one of you at home and watch over you. Thanks.

    Love Susan

  2. July.25.2008

    Rachel and Team,

    You all have done a fantastic job. You will never forget your experience in Honduras. God has done wonderful things through you. I pray that you have a safe trip back. Thank you for being who you are and for showing the love of God to the perople that you served. Rachel the house is still in one piece and the dogs are fine. Mocha had her puppies, 2 boys and 2 girls. I will see you when you get home.

    God Bless and Love,


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