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Tela, Honduras and Home in the Morning!


We are back in San Pedro Sula after a great day driving 2 hours to Tela Beach and swimming in  the warm Bay of Honduras which is part of the Carribean Sea!  It was somewhere between 80 to 85 and we had a nice cool breeze blowing off of the ocean while we ate lunch in a little cabana.  A nice treat after 2 long weeks.  It was a nice time to rest, talk about our experiences, bury Ron in the sand and wallow in the gentle waves.  Some of us will be coming home with little sunburns, but it was worth it!  The ride home was in traffic so a little more than 2 hours. 

We found out that our big rain storm was part of the edge of Hurricane Dolly – mentioned in the blog by the New Orleans Team.  No wonder it rained as if sheets of water were being poured out of the sky!  We also realized that the amazing circular cloud formation we saw might have been a spin off of the hurricane.  Ron has some pretty good pictures of it. 

We are having dinner soon and most of us have spent some time repacking and organizing.  We had about an hour at a market today to purchase some Honduran coffee, vanilla and other goodies.  We also all have had warm showers now – a nice treat after two weeks of cold. 

We are looking forward to tomorrow night when we arrive back in Fresno.  Thank you for praying for safe travels.  We will post pictures in the next few days. 

Hello to the New Orleans and Africa Teams.  We are thinking of you and praying for you.

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  1. Susan Bologna permalink

    Hi Margie and Team,
    It sounds like you had a nice day to finish off your two weeks. All the best in your travels.
    I’ll look forward to seeing some photos. Thanks for all the nice updates.

    Love Susan

  2. Garth permalink

    It was awesome and inspiring reading the blogs throughout your guys’ trip! You accomplished so much and I can’t wait to hear the stories as it sounds like each day was so packed full of amazing things!

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