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Final Thoughts from Uganda


Many of you have been following Matt Abajian’s posts as he was over in Uganda. Here is his final thoughts as he returns home. This is profound. Read over it. More than once.

“There is a richness here that transcends the material possessions we equate with wealth here in Gulu.  I am slowly learning its the value you place in yourself, others, and God, not about the materialism or even where you are born that determines your status among the wealthy and the poor.  The Acholis are quite rich:  the one nice shirt they wear over and over to show you respect, the pride in having clean shoes everyday in class to be presentable to their peers, the amount of food served, even if its only rice and beans to an honored guest, all the way down to scrubbing the cement floors of your home on a daily basis.  How then does a poor (materially speaking) country have an abundance of richness?  Simply by realizing its not what you own, but truly who you are that matters.  Maybe that was something realized by Jesus’s disciples when they left everything for this revolutionary God and community.  They saw something in Christ where nothing else mattered.  Why then have I believed my possessions will provide security and comfort?  Most can blame society, advertising, etc. but its ultimately rests with my decision to accept it as truth.  Maybe then this country that I wanted so desperately to save has really just saved me?”


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  1. darlene permalink

    Nothing left to say. May we wrestle with the thoughts and insights Matt has shared. May we too, be changed by his experience. Can’t wait to see the pictures. To God be the glory!

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