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Idle hands…


Idle hands were not a problem today as we all seemed to find something to keep us busy the entire day long. It is now 11:30pm as most of us are beginning to turn in. Breakfast is at 6:30 tomorrow, and we begin work at 8.

Today we worked until 3:30, then came back to our home chuch, Vieux Carre Baptist, in order to finish the repairs we started earlier in the week. Everyone has been amazing, working with a strength that obviously is not their own. We finished up some work on several doors, toilets, dry wall patches, and the biggest job of all, painting. We cleaned up the upstairs dining room, and painted black & gold to reflect the love for the New Orleans Saints. Looks pretty good if we do say so ourselves (even if we did get a little on ourselves).

Spiritually, we have been really blessed by those around us. We have gotten a chance to meet some neighbors, reconnec with some friends from last year, and even get invited into a home for some personal reflections. I would love to invite you to ask some of our team members for some personal reflections next time you see them. There is much too much to type here, but stories that need to be told.

There is a city of forgotten people here who need progress brought to them. God is very much active in this community. While New Orleans has been recovering for three years now, it has a LONG way to go. The government has been slow to move, and the people are waiting in frustration. The one thing we constantly hear though is the realization that rebuilding is coming from volunteers, and specifially from Christians.

Thank you so much to all of you who are supporting us (financially and spiritually). Please pray for movement from the government and insurance companies, for checks and inspections waited upon, peace of mind and patience. Stress and financial woes are litterally killing people here as their lives hang in limbo; pray for Gods hand to be on them and guide them in these tough times.

New Orleans (and the whole area) are a long way from recovered. Just because it is not in the news anymore does not mean all is well. You can still make a difference and volunteer a couple of days or week at a time, even on your own. Check out the website for Habitat for Humanity, New Orleans Louisiana (NOLA) for more info (or ask any member of our team).

Thanks again, good nigth and God bless.





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  1. darlene permalink

    Can’t wait to swap stories!! Travel safely home!

  2. August.3.2008

    Wellcome home Teri it was good to see you. Iam so glad you had a good Mission Dad

  3. August.11.2008

    Dear Amy & Seth, and The Well Missions Team,

    WE LOVE OUR NEW ORLEANS SAINTS ROOM!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much–we could barely wait until Sunday to show it off to the church.

    Thanks for all your hard work while you were here. May our Lord richly reward your every effort for Him.

    Wren and Greg

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