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Two Week Africa Team Back!


Well the two week team made it back safely!!!  We arrived on the 4th,  while reorienting ourselves to life in Fresno has been a bit of a challenge, we look forward to sharing with you, all of our experiences and what God has shown us on our trip.  The 1 month team is doing well.  Everyone is in good health and good spirits despite some pretty rough living conditions.  Continue to lift them up in prayer, as there is still much work to be done…
One of the villages we visited is a place called Zone 2.  The Well’s Africa team from 2006 built a church in this village.  Zone 2 is really a refugee camp, consisting of people who have fled from Mozambique. There are roughly 500-1000 people who live in Zone 2 and there is only one water tap there to support the needs of all the villagers.  When we visited Zone 2 we learned that the water tap and the pipe its connected to are broken.  The refugees can not afford to fix their water tap as they are not allowed to work because they are not citizens of South Africa.  The local government in this province is unwilling to fix the water tap and pipe, because they do not want the refugees to settle in South Africa.  The 1 month team is exploring ways to help the villagers of Zone 2.  They are trying to find the right parts to fix the tap and pipe, as well as, teaching the women of the village to make and sell jewelry in order to become self-sufficient and
provide for the basic means of life for their families.
Please continue to check in as we will post more updates. Thank you again for all your love, support and prayers!!!

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