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Message from South Africa


Hey Well church

This letter isn’t going to be very formal, but from what I’ve heard about your church I don’t think you would want it to be. It sounds like God has really made you understand what church is supposed to be, and I look forward to working with you again in the future.

This letter is just to thank you for all your support, and for sending such an amazing team to work with us. I can honestly say that this team was the easiest team I have ever worked with. They are mature in their faith yet young in spirit. They stepped up to every challenge that was put before them. The people in Mavhusa and the other villages loved the team, because they felt loved by the team. We, the Jam team also felt really blessed and encouraged by the team. They are passionate for the Lord. I could really see the body of Christ at work in the team in the way they each used their different passions and gifts. They worked really hard, and humbly served, the community and us. We had a lot of fun with them too, and we really enjoyed this month together. We love them very much and are very grateful that God sent them here. They were representatives of the Well church, and from what we have seen and heard from them, you are an amazing church. Thank you so much for sending this team, you are welcome to send teams here any time. We will stay in contact. You have blessed us, thank you so much. We will also keep praying for you.

I pray and know that God will keep on blessing you and strengthening others through you

Thinus – Jam

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