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Thailand Team Information


The Thailand Team is meeting every other week and preparing for our trip in January.  Here is some information we would like to share with you.  

Village Name:  Ban Maw-Krow

Tribe:  Karen (Karieng)

Households:  29

Population:  134

Religion:  20% are Christians and the rest are Animist and Budhist

Occupations:  Agriculture

Annual Income per family:  7,000 Baht ($200.00)

The village is around 100 years old and is 7-8 hours drive north of Chiang Mai, Thailand.  On a map, you will find Chiang Mai in the Northern part of Thailand – towards the Burma border.  

Our objectives are as follows: 

To be a Christian witness, putting Christ’s love into action and opening doors for villagers to come to know Christ.

Help construct a village water supply for drinking, irrigation and raising fish.

Help construct bathrooms/latrines for village families.

Provide a Vacation Bible School

To experience international missions and to be able to articulate experience to church, family and friends.

To have fun serving the Lord!

Please keep our team in your prayers and follow the blog.  We will keep you updated!

Karen women working in their village.

Karen women working in their village.

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