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Guatemala Is On Location!


Hello All Back Home!

We are here! With everyone… inside joke now (Allie Hiester forgot her passport at home so her parents had to drive it down to LAX to make it in time).

We had a 3 hour flight to Houston. 3 hour layover. Then 3 hour flight to Guatemala. We left at 1.20am on the 2nd and arrived here at 12.30pm. We just had lunch and are resting-napping for a bit before we put together our school backpacks we are going to be handing out to kids at the various church plants to help them start school off right.

Everyone is really excited to be here. Tomorrow we are going to hike up to an active volcano (that we can see from our windows) and then go to Antigua. Sunday I (Andrew) will be preaching with some of the team members sharing some testimonies. Then on Monday-Friday we will be out and about handing out the backpacks to the kids and doing our VBS with them.  So that is all I know so far.


Here is a photo of the Christians in Action Rooms where we are staying. Girls at top right. Boys bottom right. (click to enlarge)


Here is a photo of the CIA church on campus. Looks a lot like the well.


Rob Hansen showing off his mad basketball skills with a soccer ball.

Pray for me and the team as we share our hearts here in Guatemala. Thanks for all your support!

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  1. Kim permalink

    I am so glad that you all made it! I am praying for you all!

  2. Rod permalink

    We will be praying for you !

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