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Thailand Team… still traveling!


This is Allie, speaking on behalf of the Thailand Team. My mom texted me last night (3:15am) when they had just reached Om Koi, a “pit stop” of sorts on their way to the village where they will serve. They had traveled from about 10:00am through the evening on paved roads. They would be sleeping on beds (they were excited about having mattresses) and would be able to take their last shower for eight days in the morning. Tomorrow they had four more hours of driving, half of which was on paved roads and the remainder of the trip would be on dirt roads.
Everyone is doing well and in high spirits… ready to work and meet the Thai people they will be serving. They reported having excellent Thai food for lunch of which I am jealous. One of the most wonderful things about traveling so far is the ability to see the countryside, and the way of life of the Thai people.
There will be no reception for them to communicate with us for the next 8-9 days. If I hear anything, I will post (however, sometimes no news is good news).

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  1. Kou Moua permalink

    I pray for their safety and may the Holy Spirit lead them and give them the courage and strength for their journey there. God Bless them all!

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