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Volcano (sort of) and Antingua


So today was our day off. Little weird to have it first, but I think it worked out well because of our red-eye flight. So we got up in the morning… finished packing our backpacks for the kids and were off. The plan was to hike up to the volcano that we can see out our window. We drove around 30 minutes up to the parking area. Got out and were told about an hour walk. It was a very beautiful walk. As we rounded the corner to the volcano we realized (after about at least an hour) that there would be at least another hour to get all the way there. With time short for the rest of our day we took some photos and headed back.

We then drove into Antingua. Antingua seems to be one of the real popular touristy parts of Guatemala. We had lunch and got a chance to walk around and do some shopping-hanging out. We did run into some people from Dinuba… small world heh. We walked to the real familar arch (it is 11.17) and I cant remember what it is called… see below.


Tomorrow is Dia de Los Reys. Which I do believe is Day of the Stars so there were people walking around in costumes. We got to see a little dance party and as you can see Mr. T was there. We also say Rinaldo, Wrestlers, Shrek and Harry Potter just to name a few.


We headed back to the base, had dinner and finished preparing for our kids VBS. We are up till 11 because we were playing Speed UNO and Catch Phrase. We have quite and amazing team! Good times.

Tomorrow we are going to several church services and then heading off to our new location for the next couple of days. Our Monday-Friday looks like drive to our site… VBS… lunch… evangelism… dinner…. then team time. I dont know if we will have internet so no promises. We will return to the capital on Friday so if no internet I will see you then!

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  1. Amy permalink

    Seth and I are praying for you today, Andrew! We know that God will use you to preach it, brother! 🙂

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