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Sunday Services + 3 Indian Villages


Well good morning to you all back home. I found me some internet! So I will give you a little update of what we have been up to.

Sunday= Our team split up for church. Half stayed at our location and half went a little into the city. I had the chance to preach at the main location and kept it short and sweet at around 20 mins. Throughout the day denise, rob, allie, john, jill and jared all gave their testimonies in front of church. We had lunch and then went to our first Indian village. We did worship with the kids, david and goliath skit, games and handed out backpacks. Sorry I left my photo cord to upload photo back at the base so I can´t upload photos.

Monday= Yesterday was an action packed day. Our days begin at 8am with breakfast/devotions and we leave at 9am. It normally takes about an hour to get to the different villages. We did our program I guess you would call it, but after that we had a lot of time to hang out in the village. We got to walk around and talk to people and see the village. So unbelievable. The people were so welcoming. A handful of the women on our team got to make the tortillas with them! We really made a connection at that village and like most of our team said last night our low point yesterday is the fact that we had to leave. We left and went to another indian village and did our program and left quickly. We came back here for dinner and had devotions. We read a loaded passage of 1 corinthians 12-14. Which brought up tounges, women in ministry, but most importantly the body.

God is working thru the people on this team. AP made a great observation about how the body works when you are hurt. Say you roll your ankle the whole body adapts. You eyes are now watching the path for uneven places. The rest of your body favors your ankle, protecting it. We as a team have a lot of gifts and have really been the body. Thanks for all your prayers. Keep them going. Love you and miss you all!

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