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The Show Moves On


I figured I would update this morning not knowing if we will have internet for the next few days.

Yesterday looked like an hour drive to an Indian Village where we did songs, bible story-skit, games and passed out the backpacks for the kids.

Pray for our team as we are half way thru with the villages we are visiting. We are all having an amazing time, but the low for each team member pretty much is the same. We stay in a village for about 2 hours total. So we come in and ¨bless¨ and then leave. Passing out the backpacks gets really hard to because there are kids that don´t get them and then there are people in the community who see that we are giving out stuff and then run up to the church and we or the pastor have to turn them away. This is very difficult for all of us.

The Well is not about charity and this trip seems to be based a lot around this. Obviously this is creating some good dialogue and is great for me and our team members to see of how we would like to do things a bit differently. Don´t get me wrong the team and the staff of Christians in Action are awesome we are just struggling with that part of the trip.

So pray for our team that we can use the situation to the best of our abilities. That we can be joyful and love on the kids and families and continue to bring smiles to their faces. p.s. If you are reading we would love to all see your comments!

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  1. Dave Obwald permalink

    Hey Team,

    We are praying for you back home and asking God to specifically guide you where you need to be each day and show you what he desires to show you. Take comfort that you may not have the big picture of why each of you are there, but God knows the plans. Sounds like God is teaching you a lot as a team. Keep being faithful and loving each other and the people you come in contact with. Thanks for the updates.


  2. Yvonne Downs permalink

    Just wanted you to know I am praying for you.

  3. Garth permalink

    Hey Team, your brothers and sisters in Christ at Neighborhood Thrift are thinking about you and praying for you. Gene, Rudy, Norman, Tatianna, Rick, Carol, Loren, Earl and Norma all send their regards!

    From: Garth, Jesus, Kim, Mary, Andrew and Stephanie.

  4. Todd & Marianne Hiester permalink

    Hi all, especially Ally, we love getting your updates. Keep allowing God to use you there, as we know you are, even in less than ideal situations. We miss you and look forward to your return, especially Ally 🙂

    Love you, Ally,
    Mom & Dad

  5. Mom & Dad permalink

    Hey Lyndsie!
    You guys have been our prayers constantly!!! What a great experience for all of you. Moose & Max miss you. And of course we do as well!

    Mom & Dad

  6. Melissa Danisi permalink

    The prayer team has got you covered, thanks for being faithful and serving Him and all of those in the village!

  7. Robert Griffith permalink

    Dear Team,
    My prayers are with you. I don’t know you guys, but I think about you everyday.
    You are right, handing out anything of value in a third world setting places everyone in a difficult spot. Keep giving your hearts away!

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