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120 kids + Car Ride


First of all thanks for all your prayers while we are hear. It encourages the team a lot to hear from you all!

Yesterday we went to our final Indian Village and boy was it crazy. We had over 120 kids and probably more by the end! Once we show up kids from all over show up. We debuted a new bible story-skit which did include Bryan as Daniel, myself (Andrew) as the King, AP & Rob on the floor growling and clawing like lions and Beth and Katie as guards… the kids loved it and Lucy our translator did a great job of presenting it. That was really fun.

After our little visit to the lake a couple days ago John bought a bongo and a couple of moraccas so we had a full on band for our worship songs… it just gets better and better.

Denise and AP did a great job of adapting to the number of kids for the sports. We also busted out some soccer with about 40 kids. The kids all just wanted to be touched and loved. It was really a special time with them, but the best part was lunch.

The pastor and his wife had us over for lunch. They have 13 kids! For parties and celebrations they build a overhang made of what looks like palm tree branches. This does two things… 1) provides shade for the guests 2) provides and sweet aroma (like our Christmas trees). They also strip the palm leaves off the branches and cover the floor to keep down dust and for the smell. Not only were our surroundings beautiful, but the food was soooo good. Umm…

The response yesterday from the team is that they were blessed by the smiles on the kids faces and the hospitality of the pastor. God is good and he knows why our team is here. Pray today as we visit two latin villages that God would use us with the very short time that we have.

note. we were able to just give the backpacks to the pastor and let him pass them out whenever he wanted to. that was a lot smoother and it pulled us out of the awkward situation.

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  1. Andrew permalink

    Its great to hear of the neat opportunities that you are having. I think about you guys a lot. I continue to pray for you. I want to see a reinactment of Daniel and the Lions den. I really just want to see AP growl.


  2. Amy Ladd permalink

    Thanks for all the updates! I am praying for all of you as you minister to and bless the people in these villages. Prayers that you will continue to grow in your own faith and relationship with the Lord as you bless the people you come into contact with each day. May they clearly see Christ in you!

    I hope there are photos and/or video of the Daniel skit! 🙂


  3. January.8.2009

    We are praying for each of you and your team. we’re praying for each of those that you encouter each day as well as those they will in turn go and touch! You are our hands and feet out there spreading the WORD!

    Blessings to each of you!
    -Ryan & Melissa Valentine
    (second siblings of Lyndsie)

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