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We got an email from Thailand!!!


Here is the email that I received from my mom:

We had an amazing time – we drove about 7 hours out to this little village that was over 100 years old and did not appear to have changed a bit. The huts were on stilts and the women cooked inside the huts with smoke going everywhere but out. We were assigned our sleeping huts and after dinner spent our first night in a real Karen hut. Pigs, dogs and chickens made noise all night long. The first wave of chickens were up around 4 AM and did not stop until dawn. The huts were smokey and noisy as many people slept in one area. It was also very cold – in the 40’s. This would be our experience for the 8 nights we were in the village. We would get up early every morning before breakfast and hike up the hill to mix cement and get at least one ring on the water tank poured so it would be dry enough to do the second pour the next morning. Then we would come down for breakfast. Clinic would start at 9 AM and over the week we saw almost 200 patients. The rest of the group worked on
trenching for the water pipe, the water tank filter, the dam at the spring, and then eventually trenching into the village. It was hard, physical work, but we did it along side the villagers which was amazing to say the least. We learned lots of Karen words – different than Thai – and experienced Karen hospitality in its finest. We had working elephants in the village for a couple of days which we all got to ride and see work, we had water buffallos (sp) and cows and goats living under the huts, we got to fish with the people and experience what they eat. The last few days we were able to start on the toilets in the village and finish the water faucets in the village – 5 all together. It was so fun to see the villagers getting fresh water and not river water that all the animals tromped through. Can’t wait to share pictures!!
Thailand... these were working elephants.Thailand Elephants

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