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Poverty in Fresno (Concentrated)


Poverty Census

I was cleaning up my computer today and found this graphic that is a visual representation of the poverty that is in Fresno. You can see the two areas Susan B. Anthony Elementary (23,24) and Easterby Elementary (28, 29.01) are in poverty and extreme poverty… some with over 40% living below poverty. Incredible in a bad way.

How are we as the church going to respond to such a crisis in Fresno? What can we do as the church to change things?

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  1. James R. permalink

    We should be thankful that these sectors exist, because we have an opportunity to make Christ known. (Matthew 5:3) I have been reading about Jubilee and its so crazy to me how different the world has become over time. I loved how every seventh year people would stop working and let the poor come to eat at their fields so the gap between the haves and the have-nots would never be too far apart. I talked to people in Tent City and they loved that idea and were all for it! I also told people from certain parts of the city that are extra, extra green (in relation to the graph)… and they didn’t like that idea too much. So the jubilee year might not happen anytime soon but it could happen in small ways. I have been thinking what if we planted small community gardens on as many neighborhoods as possible? Why not? In WWII, over 30 million Americans had Victory Gardens which annually made up as muchya s one third the nations’ crop. If in our opportunity could help alleviate people’s food costs with a lil elbow grease and communal gardening, wouldn’t that be sweet for us all? I don’t know… just thought I’d throw that out there.


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