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Target Neighborhood Story Time


Here is a great story about what God is doing in our Target Neighborhood. When we commit our lives to God’s calling he does amazing things!

I have invited some neighbors to church a couple of different times within the last few months. The most they have asked is, “what church do you go to?”. There has not been too much interest. Well, a couple of months ago my friend was hired as a school teacher at Susan B. Anthony. I was so excited for her and shared how our church serves and helps in the classrooms at her school! Well, she called me a couple of evenings ago to tell me how she believes that The Well has someone in every classroom at the school! Someone will be joining her classroom soon. She just wanted say how impressed she was with the church and how they have so many people willing to come out and help their school.

Oh, my goodness. I was so excited. The teachers?! Of course I invited her again to come check out the church and now I believe they are just that much closer! Thank you for all of your dedicated work at Susan B. Anthony! It is impacting lives for eternity!

Tonya Brownell

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