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West Fresno :: Case Study of Poverty


I have been trying to do a bit more learning about Fresno. Attached is a great article put out by the Federal Reserve on what has happen in West Fresno and what the future looks like. This article stands as a challenge to the church and Christians to begin to engage instead of pull away from areas of need.

Federal Reserve Graphic

“The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco’s case study site is West Fresno. In 2005, Fresno was ranked in a report by the Brookings Institution as the city with the highest rate of concentrated poverty in the nation, exceeding that even of New Orleans. Interviews with stakeholders revealed long-standing socio-economic challenges in West Fresno, including patterns of public and private disinvestment, low-performing schools, high unemployment rates, and limitations in organizational capacity to address community needs. It’s also a neighborhood around which city-wide resources are beginning to be mobilized. As in all the communities in which we work, we plan to be an active partner in efforts to promote neighborhood reinvestment and reconnect residents to economic opportunity.”

Fed Article on Fresno

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