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Serving Opprotunities :: Lifegroups


Looking for somewhere to serve. Here is a sampling of what is our there. Bring your lifegroup and serve together! Want to build health in your life group? Serve together! Serving together creates a beautiful venue to get outside of the life group context and creates a share mission as a group. I think the old addage goes, “those life groups that serve together stay together.” Anyways… I am a resource for you so if you need anything or want to find other connection points we can do it!

Missional Outlets
The following is a sample list of what is out there for your life group to be a part of… This is list is not at all exhaustive. If your group has a passion we will find a place.

Neighborhood Thrift Volunteer
The store is in need of volunteers to help with sorting, stocking, organization, displays, and anything involving your creative vision. Come down Tuesday nights from 6.30-8.30, which we open for the sole purpose of helping life groups
connect to our ministry. We would love for you to come down and help out at Neighborhood Thrift. Neighborhood Thrift Store is located in the Susan B Anthony/Tower District area (1050 N. Fulton). Sign up online.

Raintree Convalescent Visits
To be a part of this ministry all you have to be able to do is talk, listen and smile. Most residents at Raintree Convalescent get few visitors. A friendly face and someone to visit with is all most residents long for and let me tell you it brightens their day. Move life group to Rain Tree for a night and love on these shut-ins. Raintree is on the corner of Peach and Huntington. 5265 E Huntington
Ave. Sign up online.

Raintree Convalescent Build Projects
Ready for some manual labor? Rain Tree Convalescent could use your life group for some fun and easy build projects. The Well Southeast campus has started on garden boxes, painting and a pathway around the grounds and could use your
help in finishing the vision. We can work around your life-group schedule and plan a day at Raintree, Saturdays are preferable. Sign up online.

Saturday Sports @ Susan B. Anthony Elementary
Saturday Sports such an amazing life group activity! So fun! Your group will love it! But what is it? It is a weekly program that runs the length of the school year on Saturdays (9am to 11am) at Susan B. Anthony Elementary. It’s a time to have fun, share the Word of the Lord and feed the body. Activities include crafts, football, softball, soccer, dodge ball and even some Bible story skits for the kids to get involved in. Parents are encouraged to come out and participate with their kids so that so that they can strengthen the bond of the family. Address is 1542 E Webster Ave. Sign up online.

Can’t find something that fits your group. Call 326-5100 and ask for Andrew Feil (missions director). We will find a place for your life group.

Sign Up? How? Where?
We are constantly updated our Missions Sign Up Website here!

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