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NOLA is here and Fresno is launching


Once we get our feet on the ground we will post here with more pictures and stories, but I wanted to make sure that all those who are reading know that the NOLA team made it safe last night about 1 AM our time (11 PM in Fresno). We got up this morning and were escorted to a French Pastry Shop by our fantastic host Pastor Greg. Today will include a tour of New Orleans with contextualization of what this town has been through in the past years and where they are at now.  After that, it is an afternoon of work projects with Common Ground Relief, a non-profit organization much like Habitat for Humanity.

As far as Downtown Fresno, they met at the North Campus at 7:30 and their adventures are just beginning! Getting their stuff down to YFC and meeting at the sports camp for a day of working with students at Susan B. and work projects with our own Ty Pennington (Andrew Young). I ❤ Fresno team getting local meals made by families who support The Well, ENP, and Susan B. They will be culturally indicative of where they are living. Great stuff is happening on two coasts with WSM!

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