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We are living in the Dash


When you see a grave site or the length that something was in existence, there is a start date and an end date. So for example if we were talking about the popularity of Miley Cyrus or the Jonas Brothers you would see the dates 2008-2009 (hopefully). That means that they had a music career (and I use that term loosely) between those dates. What happened in between those two dates is up to the people involved. Today our tour guide pointed out a beautiful thought. Hurricane Katrina happened in late August of 2005. That would be the start date. Sadly, there is no end date…as of yet. There is still destruction. There is still trash in the streets. Now the good news is that there is still aid being sent here. And there are still people coming and making a difference. The Well Community Church and wellstudentministries is a part of that. That is what is affectionally called “Living in the Dash”. What that means is that the end has yet to be determined. We don’t know how the book is going to finish. What we do know is that we can have a hand in making the ending happen sooner, and making it be a happy ending. We are not only living in the dash, we ARE the dash. WSM is a part of a 250,000 person history that has given their life, time, gifts, and heart to a cause that is bigger than any one person or even any one city. We had our eyes opened today that the work is not yet done. There is still more to do. We will not finish the work in the week that we are here. What we will do is make that dash shorter. We will hurry the end of the story, and allow other stories to begin. God is using 22 men and women from the Fresno area to change the life of people that they have never met before. Your prayers are needed and felt. Thanks for all you have done in your support. God is using those who you faithfully sent to live powerfully for God over here…in the dash.

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