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The Other Side of the Coin


jumpOften times, when I am talking with parents, I hear about their children in a way that I have never seen. Meaning, that they see a side of their children that I never get to see. They are never comfortable when they come to church so they don’t let their guard down. Or maybe, church is the one place they feel that they can be themselves and so sadly their parents never get to see a side of the own kid that we are blessed with. Regardless of what you see in your children I am here to tell you that these students know how to serve. And they do it with a smile on their face. I cannot even begin to list all that they have done and it is only Tuesday. I will attempt to give you a glimpse. They have built green houses for plants, they are being a servant to their team, they cleaned up trash that is STILL laying around from Katrina, they are being gentle, mudding and sanding drywall for a home, they are being selfless, building a fence, cleaning animal cages of abandon animals from Katrina, building shelves, working alongside people who don’t know Jesus. These are your children and the next generation of our church. You should be proud of them. They know how to work hard, work for others, and love God. That should be better than a “Student of the Month” bumper

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