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All work and no play makes WSM a dull something or other


kids-in-the-courtcafe-du-monde1It think it is pretty clear that God has us in a great place for the week. These kids are working hard in all different areas. I heard a student tonight talk about how important it is to spend time in God’s word, and that they were going to be intentional about when they spend time reading the bible and praying with God. It continues to be a great week and I know it will only get better. Tonight we decided to treat our team to dessert after a fantastic night of homemade taco salad that was so good we ran out of food! There is a little place near the Mississippi River in the French Quarter called Cafe Du Monde. They serves the best Iced Coffee and Beignets. Don’t know what a Beignet is? It is dough that is deep fried and covered with more powdered sugar than should be legally allowed. Someone asked the question, “Does it taste good?” I could only think to tell them if you deep fried a car tire and put powdered sugar on it, it would be delicious. Probably the best part of a beignet is the powdered sugar fight the typically breaks out after about 3 minutes of consuming the dessert. I am proud to say that I started this one and Fletcher and Shae were the recipients of my wrath. You see, you tell someone that you want to take a picture of them enjoying their beignet. When they hold it near their face, instead of taking the picture you blow on their dessert. Amazing cloud of boyspowdered sugar dust goes everywhere. From there they got the revenge and began to share the love with other people in our group and others that were innocent bystanders. Sorry man and lady on a date at the table next to us! Regardless, all of our stomaches are a little bit bigger and our hearts are a little weaker from the fried, but we are much happier for the journey. Thursday, here we come!

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