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Classroom Volunteering is ONE way to make an IMPACT!


As our “Target Neighborhood” ministry has grown Classroom Volunteers have become a vital part of the ministry. These volunteers spend two hours a week with teachers in an effort to help them and their students. The Well Target Neighborhood Ministry at Susan B. Anthony recently conducted a survey to hear from teachers at Susan B. Anthony about their experience with volunteers and if they didn’t have them if they would want one. I

Out of the 7 surveys that were returned recently 4 don’t have volunteers in their class – 3 of them said they could use one.

Here are comment from teachers who don’t currently have volunteers:

A teacher who has been at Susan B for 7 years and could use a volunteer daily for 2hrs, says: “A student in our class was blessed to have his family adopted – way beyond Mission Christmas. Thanks to The Well and their great support and effort. They pour into much needy families. Thanks Garth, Artie, Stephanie, John N, Andrew and family.”

A teacher who has been at Susan B for 15 years and does not need a volunteer, says: “Artie is the Best!”

A teacher who has been 2 years at Susan B and could use a volunteer daily for 1-2 hrs, says: “Many of my students are participants in Saturday Sports. They always speak so positively of the mentors in the program. The fellowship reflects in their attitude at school. Thank you for all that you do for us at Susan B Anthony.”

A teacher who has been at Susan B for 2 ½ years and could use a volunteer 2hrs 2x/week had no comments.

. . . . .

Here are some comments from the 3 teachers who responded who have volunteers in their classroom:

“My students know exactly what day and time my volunteer will be on campus. They talk about him when he is not at school and get excited when they do see him. They share with him their achievements in class and just couldn’t wait to tell him how they did on their GLAS test. I am so happy to have him in my class. I currently have fifteen boys and only 7 girls in my class. My students do not have too many positive role models in their lives, so to have my volunteer come in and build a relationship with my students, the outcome is very positive.” This teacher also mentioned improvement in math testing scores.

“My volunteer has shown love, care and attention to one of my students who has behavior and academic issues. I believe her consistent love and help has helped increase this child’s self-esteem which in turn has helped his behavior in class. I would also like to note her willingness to come help me with parties. It is very challenging for just 1 adult to serve food to over 20 students and she has always been there to help out. Thank you Well Church for all you do for our campus. Your presence and help is sorely needed here – especially your prayers. It is beautiful to see a church act out their Christian Faith in this way. I hope and pray you can keep doing this. God Bless you all!”

I appreciate my volunteers and The Well church. This community is blessed to have you in our lives, I love that the children are able to be around Christian role models. Praise be to God! Keep up the good work!!

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