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WSM :: Downtown Fresno Recap


WSM Spring Break - Paint
We had an amazing time on my first ever Fresno Mission Trip. We had a total of 30 people on this trip. There were 20 students, and 10 leaders. The team that was painting the house did an amazing Job. God was totally at work in each student, and leaders lives because you could tell just in the way they served, that this [meaning paint, and dry wall] in that moment was their spiritual act of worship. No matter how hard the task, or how difficult it was to sand that house, dig that trench, or put up the dry wall our team did it with gladness in there hearts, and without a bit of complaining. I believe that our students were able to see a different side of Fresno, and once they noticed the poverty instantly i think each students heart broke a little bit. They wanted to serve, they wanted these kids to so desperately to have what they have, and I think that at the end of the day no matter how hard hard they worked, or how much they played with the kids it wasn’t enough, and they wanted to give more. Just by living in, and experiencing the downtown community, our students hearts were changed for the better, and I truly believe that.

– Christian Warne (The Well WSM Junior High Pastor)

WSM Spring Break Jungle

Kids all mixing on the jungle gym.

WSM Spring Break Jessie

Jessie one of the residents from the neighborhood served alongside WSM all week.

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