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Honduras Coup…


Hello to those of you who are following our team. As you may or may not have heard, there has been a coup that threatens the ability of our team to participate. I’ll try to give you a brief synopsis of what exactly is going on and what it means to our team. The ousted Honduran President is Manuel Zelaya. He was removed last Sunday by the Honduran military because he overstayed his term. The Honduran constitution allows the President to serve one four year term. Mr. Zelaya has ignored the constitution with repeated calls from the Honduran congress and supreme court for him to step down and relinquish power. The Honduran military has exiled Mr. Zelaya to Costa Rica, however he has threatened to return to the country this Thursday with the help of the Venezuelan military, which is reportedly building up on the southern Honduras border in Nicaragua.
Now…what does that mean for our team?? To begin with, we are taking it day to day and getting updates both via the news and from Gustavo, our guide in Honduras. He tells us that it is very calm and quiet where we are going in Florida de Copan. However, with the threat of the return of Zeyala and the possible help of the Venezuelan military, things could degrade quickly. MMI has asked us to wait until next Monday to make a decision (talk about last minute!). The organization seems to be very concerned with our well being and we have no reason not to trust their judgement. The US State Department and the US Embassy in Honduras have warned US citizens not to travel to Honduras unless absolutely necessary at this point. No restrictions have yet been placed on travel and all airports are open.
As you can see, this is a tough situation to be in. At our team meeting last night, everyone was concerned, but we are still going ahead with plans until further notice. We are eager and willing to go, yet understand the priority of caution and safety in situations such as this. That being said, we also understand the nature of missionary work and the inherent risks associated with it. It is situations like this where we need the prayer of the church for wisdom and discernment on the part of the decision makers. Please pray for the country, our team, and for the people who are being affected by this. All we can do now is pray and know that God is in charge. It’s times like these that our need for reliance upon God and His sovereign authority are the most pronounced. We trust in the Lord no matter the decision, and will be content with the outcome. We ask again for your prayer as our trip departure date is 7/10. I’ll continue to post updates as information becomes available.

In Christ,


Honduras '09 Team

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  1. Karen permalink

    I will definitely be praying for Gods will in this matter..I absolutely agree..there are always risks involved when entering into missions..but Jesus was pretty radical Himself! I am excited to see your updates and see what a faithful God decides for your trip!
    In His Strength~
    Karen J Bragman

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