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Honduras Update


Hey everybody…I just got off the phone with Andrew after speaking with Lisa at MMI. They are expressing some concern with the situation as I think we all are. Please be patient as we are trying to make the best decision possible and are also considering options that may or may not work as well. It seems the situation in Honduras is still relatively stable, however that could change quickly. The reports are that most protests are still peaceful, and no major incidents are occurring. That being said, the bus service in the country has recently shut down due to multiple roadblocks around the country. The US Embassy there recommends that US Citizens remain home and not to travel there unless it is absolutely necessary. We are going to wait until Monday or Tuesday to make the final call and will let you all know ASAP. In the meantime I just spoke with MMI (Lori) and we are exploring several options. There happen to be three different trips all occuring at the same time as our Honduras trip (same dates, medical in nature). We are going to see if it is possible to change our flights and what the cost would be. Of the three available trips, two are in Ecuador and one is in the Dominican Republic. As soon as we have information on flight availability and $$$ I will be happy to shoot out another e-mail ASAP to keep you all informed. Please continue to
pray for our team and for Honduras.


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