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South Africa Team Update


Aye!! (Hi in Tsongani)

Greetings from Mahvusa!!

All of us from the South Africa team wanted to say hello and let everyone know that we are all doing well and have pretty much recovered from the jet lag after traveling on the longest scheduled flight available on the planet. We have safely made it to Mahvusa and are working well with the group from JAM. To our amazement we joined a group of 26 JAM members and have been making incredible progress on the camp. In the first few days we have been focusing on the base camp to build a bathroom with running water, showers and sinks to make future stays to the camp just a bit easier. We are digging the dirt out for the foundation currently and expect to lay the cement within a day or so. Once a proper foundation has been laid, the building progress will increase exponentially. We have also made a visit to the donated land and are excited with the prospects of the camp for the children. We are going to be starting to clear the land and hope to break ground very soon. Most of the team has visited Zone 2 and have come back with amazing reports of the beautiful children and incredible opportunities to serve the kids and minister to people who have never even heard the name of Jesus. Due to the sheer number of us, the Well Africa team has had to visit Zone 2 in smaller teams of 3 to 4 people at a time, but are looking forward to visiting again as a complete group on Friday. The whole team wants to send out their thanks to everyone who has helped financially and/or in prayer to make this trip possible and an incredible success. We love you all and hope to add again to the blog soon.

The Well South Africa Team

D, J, C, B, T, K, N & M

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  1. andrewfeil permalink*

    Awesome to hear from you guys. Love you and am praying for you all! God is going to do an amazing work.

  2. Karen permalink

    I am glad that you all are safe and doing so very well! I am praying for you all everyday and know that God has such great things ahead for you:) Thank you for keeping us updated…I am quite excited and encouraged hearing about all the progress that has been performed on the campsite and base! Love you guys and can’t wait to hear the incredible stories of how the Lord used a little team of 8 like a mighty army for His Kingdom!!
    “May you be made strong with all the strength which comes from His glorious power, so that you may be able to endure everything with patience.” Colossians 1:11

  3. Terri permalink

    Greetings! You are in our thoughts and prayers each & every day. Thank you for letting us know that you are all doing well. We believe that God will bless your faithfulness as you love the people around you. Look for His grace in your lives in every circumstace. We look forward to hearing about your progress. All our love, Gary & Terri Lieberman

  4. Kathy Higley permalink

    God is so good! I thank Him for your safe journey and the impact each of you is having in South Africa and on the children of God you are ministering to. Praying for each of you specifically that God will surely bless and enrich you!
    Love to all (especially Matthew!). See you in a week!
    David and Kathy Higley

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