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Costa Rica Update. 7.13.09


We just finished a great week of serving and weekend of fellowship and exploring Costa Rica! Here is a snapshot of what we are doing in our time here:

Jane and Carolina are helping one of the long term missionaries here, Kayla, at a church in a community called Los Fuentes. They are helping teach an english class, working with children, and making visits to some of the elderly people in the neighborhood. They even spent a day mixing cement and laying a foundation for a retaining wall.

Stephanie and Kasey are also at the church in Los Fuentes, but they are solely doing construction. In order to expand the church and make more room a retaining wall had to be built. Those two have impressed everyone there with their strength and work ethic…the “Ticos” (costa ricans) are so impressed with them!

Jaclyn and Bri are in another “squatter” community, Los Guido, working with another of the missionaries at a tutoring center. They help students from the community who come in with their school work and English.

Samantha and Melissa are also in Los Guidos. They are working in a daycare helping take care of children in the community who would otherwise have no one to look after them. Their presence, along with Jaclyn and Bri’s, is very powerful in this forgotten, extremely poor, and looked down upon community made up of a lot of refugees from Nicaragua.

This past weekend the team had a chance to travel to the coast and spend the day at a beautiful beach on the Pacific Coast side of Costa Rica. Sunday, we were guests at the church in Los Fuentes. It is amazing to see how God is working here in Costa Rica and we all feel blessed to be able to come along side them and watch the body of Christ at work!

A few prayer requests as we enter our last week of serving:
pray for the overall health of our team…Melissa is the latest sick one, Steph’s is still lingering, and Sam is having some issues as well.
pray that the Lord will sustain us this last week, stretch us, and use us for His glory!

In case this is the last update…we will be arriving in Los Angeles on Sat at around 8:30 and then will get in the cars and make the drive home, so pray for safe travels!


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