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Ecuador day 4


hello to all of our friends and family. we have been working very hard the last two days and finally have got to leave the hotel and find the internet. ecuador is amazing…we have been traveling to small villanges each morning and setting up a clinic. people are always lined up and waiting for our arrival. the first day was hard on everyone, as we traveled to a town called jatunjuiga bamba way up in the western andes. i guess it was between 11000 and 12500feet in elevation, and everyone felt it. cathy, suzie, emily and an md from indiana are seeing patients, darlene is running the lab and seeing some patients as well, kaitlyn is helping interpret and being wonderful with the children, sabrina is helping the people out with posture, rehab, and general pain, katie works the pharmacy, and i take history and physical with vitals with the help of sara. we are all doing great, nobody has got sick yet, and the lord is breaking down language barriers and letting us help the local people. there are too many stories to share now, but hopefully we will get back here soon and be able to update some more information or post a story. thanks for your continuing support and prayers…


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  1. Chris Gromis permalink

    Blessings from hot Fresno! The adventure already sounds amazing. We continue to pray for safety, health, and that Jesus Christ will be glorified, not only in words, but deeds. You are all in our daily thoughts and prayers.

  2. SarahLyn Brooks permalink

    Hey there…this is Emily’s aunt just wanting you all to know I think you’re awesome and you are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep up the good work and relish the adventure.

    You are the best Emily!! I wanna be you when I grow up.

    Blessings on all your sweet heads! SarahLyn

  3. Chris Groms (Sara's Mom) permalink

    The lama sounds like quite an experience. Here is the million dollar question…Sara is allergic to horses, but is she allergic to lama’s?

    Blessings on you all today.

    God Bless your socks off!!!

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