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South Africa week 3


Aye from Mahvusa!!

Well, earlier in the week the 8 person team has split off to become 4.  Jordan, Nicole, Chelsea and Matt all left South Africa for home and arrived safely in Fresno Monday afternoon.  The rest of us here headed back up to Mahvusa to finish up the bathroom and are excited when we found out that we’re going to be getting started clearing the land on the kids camp to open up some space for building to begin.  We had an incredible time playing soccer last week with the boys from the village and are pumped up for the next game!!  There’s been a little sickness that’s bringing a couple people on the team down a bit… first, one or two from JAM might have gotten tick fever, and we’re concerned that Dave might have it as well.  Nothing more than flu like symptoms that can be easily recovered from with rest and lots of liquids… but prayer from everyone back in the States would be appreciated as well.  We already miss the four team members that left earlier in the week, but we’re excited to see what the Lord has in store for us and the remainder of the time that we’re here.  Thanks for all your thoughts and prayer.  We’ll try to write again soon.  Love to all.

D, T, B & K

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  1. Karen permalink

    Yay! I am glad that you will be able to get the land prepared for the campsite..awesome news! I will be praying for the sickness that is going around..and for you all to have lots of energy and strength to continue to endure these next couple weeks:)
    In His Strength~

  2. July.18.2009

    Dave, Tiffany, Brynna, and Kayla,

    I miss you guys SO much! I will be praying that God sends healing through the camp and you are all refreshed and energized to continue doing His Kingdom work!

    Good luck with the soccer game… show them who’s boss! Dave, don’t get crazy and hurt yourself!

    That’s awesome that the bathroom is done! I can’t wait to see the work you are able to accomplish on the land for the camp!

    I’m so sad our team had to be divided, but I am praying just as much back here for you all, and am positive that God has amazing things planned for us. It’s been so cool to come home, reflect and just be in awe of God’s sovereign hand in all of this! I hope you get to write again soon.. I will be waiting! Have a blast in Cape Town, you will deserve a nice rest. And laugh A LOT with those crazy South Africans! 😉 I can’t wait to see you in LA!

    With so much LOVE,


  3. Terri Lieberman permalink

    Hi Dave,
    I’m not sure if you will see this message before you begin your return trip to the states. Please know that you have a large group of people praying for you and your team. Dad and I are concerned about your health and would love to just hear from you, if possible. We know that you are in good hands. This world is a safe place when you live in the Kingdom of God. All our love to you,
    Mom and Dad

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