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The Youngs :: Out of Jungle Camp!


Our first year of training in Canada is complete!  After 4 weeks of living in the “bush” (otherwise known as a secluded area of our campus called Jungle Camp) and 2 days of working around our school campus, we are finished!  God has been so faithful to grow us in what it means to be followers of Jesus.  We are so grateful for our time here and look forward to the next year of Culture & Language Acquisition training!

Here are a few things to give you an idea of what life what like for us the past month:

~Jess washed all of our clothes by hand.  She did laundry every day (except 2!) and hung it on a line outside or inside above our stove if there was rain.  Boston is in the middle of potty training so there was a bit of extra laundry that needed to be done frequently.

~Jared chopped down dead trees (maple, cherry, & bass), cut them down and split the logs to keep our fire going.  We cooked with a wood burning stove & oven made from a 50 gallon metal drum so we went through lots of wood.

~Boston loved playing baseball outside and helping Daddy cut wood.  He fashioned an “ax” out of his blocks and “chops wood” with it all the time!  He also learned almost all of the names of the students in our class.  Since they were all living around us, they were the only people we saw for the last month!

~We did not have a refrigerator (unless you count a metal bucket buried in the ground to keep things cool) so we mostly brought food that would not perish quickly.

~We hiked up to Jungle Camp all the things we would need for one month:  clothes, food, dishes, pots & pans, etc.  It took 23 trips using our hiking backpacks (about 35 lbs in a pack).  The roundtrip time was about 30 minutes, 1/2 mile roundtrip.

~Jared wired our house with 4 lights and 2 small fans and it all ran on DC power from our car battery.  Every few days our battery was hooked up to solar panels on the outskirts of camp to recharge.

~Jungle Camp is not about survival training.  It is about learning to be prepared and plan ahead, learning to live in a small community in isolation, and learning to trust God even in difficult circumstances.

All in all, we had a great time.  There were definitely some rough days.  Days when we would have given anything to listen to our iPod, get on Facebook, or just have ice in our drink.  God  used the time out there to draw us closer to Him and deepen our relationship with Him.  We are so thankful for it, thanks for praying for us while we were away!

– The Youngs.

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