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Ecuador Day 5


We are glad to have made it to an internet cabina again. these past two days, our team has climbed up to 14,000 feet (via autobus) to help in a small village, and down in a village near Cotopaxi (the world´s largest active volcano). Darlene and Susie have both had a bout of sickness and were each forced to miss a day of work, but are recovering well and have returned strong. Sara has changed roles from taking vital signs to interviewing patients along with myself. Susie and Emily have teamed up to treat patients, along with Cathy and sometimes Darlene. Cathy brought along a portable ultrasound and has been able to let expectant mothers listen to their baby´s heartbeats for the first time in the womb. Sabrina is still working strong with patients posture and body mechanics, while Kaitlyn has switched roles multiple times and loves the ninos. Katie has been a fixture in the pharmacy, but made it out today to help with patient triage. The scenery around here is truly breathtaking, and I wish I could get wireless so I could post some pictures. This weekend Katie, Sara, Darlene, Kaitlyn, Cathy, and Sabrina are headed to a tributary of the Amazon river, while Susie, Emily and I are going to try and climb the 19,500+ foot Cotopaxi. Should be a great adventure. Right now everyone is a little tired after our first week of work, but spirits are high and we feel the Lord is working through us. Thank you for your prayers, and keep them coming as we still have one long week ahead of us….

Joel and Sara

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  1. Marcine (Susie's mom) permalink

    Thank you so much for the updates. My prayers are with you all and the people of ecuador. What an amazing opportunity God has provided for you to show others how Gods children do his work. Susie and Darlene I pray for a speedy and complete recovery. Cathy, because you listened to the Lord and took the ultrasound equipment these pregnant women have been able to experience something that they will cherish forever.Good job. You all are awesome!

  2. Chris (Sara's Mom) permalink

    We are so proud of all of you. Susie and Darlene, I am praying for your complete recovery and strength. I am also praying that the rest of the team remains healthy. How beautiful are the feet that bring the word of God. You are all so precious and beautiful. I am so thankful that you are able to witness and help other people that God created and loves.

    We love and miss you!

    Chris and David

  3. Taylor Leech permalink

    Darlene, Sabrina, and Kaitlyn- Been thinking about and praying for you guys every day as well as the rest of your team. Look forward to hearing of all the wonderful adventures in Equador and sad that I couldn’t join you this year. Sabrina, the NICU misses you, but I’m trying to hold the place together for another week until you get back 🙂

    Stay safe and well!

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