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Ecuador Day 10


Hi again everyone…today was a great start to our week. To give you all and idea of how our day went, we saw over 120 children and 103 adults at the town called Chisquas. One small story, there was a man who had poor vision for many years, and we were able to give him some new glasses. He ended up hanging around for about an hour smiling to everyone, and he also spent some time admiring himself in the reflection of the windows. We also gave out over 500 prescriptions today…very busy. The neat thing about today was that we were short about seven people today as four left for home and three members of our team were sick. The team really pulled together and made it work for one of the busiest days yet. Anyways, the trip is winding down and we have thre days left of serving left here, we´re trying to finish strong and are looking forward to warm showers and our own beds…


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  1. Sue and Guy permalink

    Wow, this is all truly amazing and the description of the man admiring himself made a real impression. You have helped so many and they won’t forget you showing God’s love. We’ll be praying for these last few days that you will be well and finish strong!!

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