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Ecuador- Center of the World


Greetings Everyone!
Well the team made it back to Quito safely yesterday . After serving a small community in the morning, we packed up, said goodbye to the friends we had made in Latacunga, and enjoyed the bus ride back to where it all started…. Quito. For our dinner last night, we feasted on Pizza Hut pizza (Ecuadorian style- not much difference except the olives were green instead of black). At 7 o’clock, our team took a stroll to the local mall, which by the way is 10 times fancier than Fashion Fair and about as expensive. Needless to say, we did not buy much. Today, we get to drive to the center of the world to make history for our team (well, at least we’ll get to say that we went to the center of the world and have pictures to prove it). Then we’re off the the markets to do some shopping at far better prices than the mall. Tomorrow we head home. We miss you all just as much as you miss us.
We’ll see you soon.


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  1. Dianne permalink

    Congratulations on a job well done. May the Lord continue to keep you in His arms as you return to your loved ones. I’ve appreciated all the posts on the blog.

    Please tell Sabrina her sister’s surgery went well

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