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Neighborhood Thrift Store


This is a special note from Neighborhood Thrift…. visit their website at

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Neighborhood Thrift Friends and Family,

Hope that this email finds you all well. Here at Neighborhood Thrift we have been having a blast setting up the store and seeing God’s hand at work. To see the amount of donations come in has been mind blowing and a sure blessing from God. We are still in great need of help on our Thursday work nights at 353 E Olive, 93728. We are there from 5pm to 9pm, this is a great avenue for a group to serve or just yourself! In order to try to make this store open in the next month we are going to need help from you and your friends and their friends as well.
The projects still needed to be accomplished are filling the clothing racks with sorted clothes, setting up our shelves with merchandised product, hang clothing from unsorted bags, and cleaning the store. Let us know if you have any questions about volunteering and feel free to sign up at or call for any questions.

You can visit our new revamped website at

God Bless
Neighborhood Thrift

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