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More Photos + Videos from Mission Christmas


Mission Christmas store has been a huge success! As of right now (with at least two more nights) we have made connections with over 250 families! Every night those participating gets larger and larger. Last Tuesday night we had people waiting in line as early as 5:30pm (store opens at 6:30pm)! Your giving to this cause is making the difference. We wanted to take an opportunity to share photos/videos and share a story so here goes….

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Now here is a story from a Well Member…

I volunteer in my children’s classrooms a lot.  I love being able to help the teachers in any way I can, and being there in the classroom certainly lets my children know I care about them.  I love being able to interact with the different children and I find it amusing that my official name is…Gretchen’s Mom, or Raymond’s Mom.  I get to know the kids in each of the classrooms and know their personalities.  Cindy doesn’t talk very much, Anthony sits in the time-out chair often, and Gerardo doesn’t speak English, but he tries and I love him for it.  Basically what I’m trying to say is, I get to know the kids and when I talk to the other parents, while I’m dropping off or picking up, I enjoy being able to place a child’s genetic make-up to their parents.

Just recently, I noticed Madison’s mom had been bringing her to school instead of her normal babysitter.

This past Tuesday, after signing Gretchen in for the day, I headed back out to my car when I saw Madison’s mom coming towards me with tears in her eyes.  All three children rushed out the door, one was missing a shoe and needed to be carried, the other about to pee on himself and the baby in her other arms.  This lady looked frazzled and needed help.  I immediately grabbed the baby for fear she would be dropped and pointed to the nearest restroom.  She took Madison in and came rushing back out with sincere thank yous.  As I helped her back out to her car, she shared with me how she had just lost her job, how her husband was working double shifts and how she wished Christmas was not coming up.  Times were tough in their house and she made it perfectly clear to me, she was not in the Christmas spirit. She apologized for sharing too much information, but I assured her she wasn’t the only one in her predicament.  Instead, I invited her to come to Mission Christmas at Neighborhood Thrift.  I’m not great with directions, but knew it was located on Olive.  I let her know what time to come and that she’d be sure to get a deal.  I buckled the little one into his car seat and put his missing shoe back on his foot.  She looked at me and said, “I’m not sure if we will make it down there tonight, but I appreciate the offer, and thanks for all your help this morning.”
10 hours later I saw her standing in line at Neighborhood Thrift.  I couldn’t believe she came!  I was so excited to see her.  After talking for a brief minute, I assured her there were plenty of good deals and she was certain to get all she needed for 25 bucks.  I misplaced her in the crowd and never had a chance to see what she bought or when she left.  I figured I’d see her in the morning.

I didn’t see Madison’s mom all day Wednesday, as Madison was absent.  She didn’t return until Friday and I had almost forgotten about seeing her at Mission Christmas until she came to me with a big hug and tears in her eyes.  She went on to tell me that Madison had asked Santa for a particular princess Barbie doll and that she was able to buy it at Mission Christmas for six dollars.  Needless to say we were both in tears at this time.  Even though we only know each other as Gretchen’s Mom and Madison’s Mom, I am certain I will never forget her or her me.  Thanks Mission Christmas for helping Madison’s mom and her family.

Gretchen’s Mom

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