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Kenya Update #4


Hello Friends and Family!

I have a few minutes before our matatus ( Kenyan Taxi)  is picking us up to take us to Machani to begin work on our little house for Mary Paul and Elizabeth!  We are having a wonderful time and I wish I had time to write each and every detail but here are a few highlights.

1. Christmas Eve we went caroling at the local hospital.  Yvonne and Brian Downs spoke to the pediatric and mens wards.  It was very eye opening and each of us were able to sit at the bedside of someone who had to spend Christmas day away from loved ones.  I met Selina who just had a baby with spina bifida.  The highlight had to be us singing Silent Night through the halls with our lit candles- can you imagine having open flames in hopsitals in the US!!!

2. Christmas Day we gathered a duffel bag full of gifts for Stephen and Isobel and their families – our old Kenyan friends.  On the walk there which was a muddy mess as we are still being told we have brought the gift of rain- cute little Kenyan kids saw us and we handed them some candy  – the father saw us and invited us up to see them slaughter their goat for Christmas dinner!!!!  Yikes- it put Christmas dinner in a whole new light!!!  Also realizes that God sacrificed His own son as a sacrifice for our own sin!  We were painfully aware of blood and what lots of shed blood looks like!  The kids will all love to tell you that story with gruesome detail!

3.  We had a great time visiting with Stephen and Isobel and their extended family – we sang, danced-( all on video mind you – picture Ben and Brian and that should bring a smile to your face-)  prayed and visited – they were sad we could not stay to eat their slaughtered sheep – we graciously declined!!!

4.  We then enjoyed a time as a team before over 20 missionaries came up to where we were staying and we shared Christmas Curry as a group.  What fun  especially for Ben and I as these are some of our favorite people that we lived with here at Rift Valley Academy.  The definite highlight for the team with we did a white elephant gift exchange with “American” treats like Reeses Peanut Butter cups, choc chips, pringles etc.  We laughed so hard as we saw 20 people ooh and aah over a box of cinnamon toast crunc cereal- we will never look at every day junk food the same again!!!!

5.  We were going to go to the hospital again last night to deliver gifts but half of us are still badly suffering the effects of jet lag.  Fletcher went to bed at 6 pm and woke up at 4 am!  So we will wait to go with the Bells who arrive in a few days.

So those are a few highlights. Please pray for our health- so far so good.  There are a few intenstinal issues but not bad.  Pray for us to have strength and joy.

Today we are building trusses, building rocket stoves, playing with kids etc.  I will let you know how it goes.  We are excited so that is a good sign.

Love you all,


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