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Ready.Set.Go. Thailand!


Final prep for Thailand is almost finished; the bags have been packed complete with donated clothing (Thanks Neighorhood Thrift!), medicines for the clinic, and our own gear . . . props to Jesse & Allie Penner and Bryan Acosta – packed in a carry on size!!  The rest of us, not so much!

We wanted to share with you some pictures of the village we will be in.  Please keep us in your prayers along with all of the other teams who are serving for the next couple of weeks!

The village name is Mo Ho Jo.  We will be adding on to the school and will be conducting VBS for the students – we hope to see some of the same students in the picture.  The hut you see is the hut the teachers live in.  For those who have supported this ministry by sponsoring a child, you are helping to feed the children you see here at the Mo Ho Jo school and helping to pay the teachers who live in the village year round.  If you are still interested in sponsoring a child, please visit this website:

Thanks for your love and support and we will post as often as possible, but will be in the village from the 4th – the 13th without any phone or internet.  No news is good news!!!!

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