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Day 3 in Colombia


Our team has been here for 3 days now and our minds and bodies have been challenge more than we ever imagined.

This is The Well’s first trip to Bogota, Colombia so everything is a learning experience.

The language barrier does make it difficult to have in depth conversations , but mostly difficult to know what is expected of us.

We came expecting to put a new roof on the school. Little did we know we are doing a cement roof, that is also a floor for a second story, and we are building up that second story. Today as a team we moved 800-1,000 bricks, 3 tons of sand (in buckets, up a steep hill), and 4 tons of cement. Our team is working hard and showing much passion through it all.

Today, a little girl , about age 3, came out to us, brought us juice, cups and lots of smiles. Then she sat on a small stool and watched us work. God knew we needed to see His love through the people.

Good thing they feed us well. The food is amazing! A friend of or host family cooks for us 3 times a day. She is such a blessing and let’s us help her and learn from her.

We have been told tomorrow will be our most difficult work day (though we can’t imagine anything harder than today). Tomorrow we get to mix the 3 tons of sand and 4 tons of cement, By Hand, then hoist it up to the roof. Now that’s hard work…

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  1. Holly Cannon permalink

    Sounds like you’re all working hard! Stay strong, stay united, outdo each other in love! This will speak more than words. Looking forward to reading more and hearing all about it when you get back!

  2. Sue Sather permalink

    You guys are doing amazing Kingdom work! God will give you the strength and health to do it! Keep the blogs coming! Love hearing from you! We’re praying for you all! love, mom Sather

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