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Ahhhh . . Z zzzzzzzzz


We arrived in Chiang Mai around 1 am on January 2nd. All went well getting through customs until we came to the last checkpoint. The official was a bit concerned about the amount of clothing we had. (we filled 20 duffle bags with clothing from Neighborhood Thrift to take to the village). Eric & Andrew, along with Mike Mann ( the in-country missionary) negoitated a “tax” of around 4106 bhat – which is just over $100. Then it was off to the hotel and in bed by 3 am.
Today we are headed to get an orientation on our project and then do some shopping for the village. Tonight we will experience the night market, great Thai food and then some sleep before heading out tomorrow for am 8 hour drive into the village.
Thanks for keeping us in your prayers!

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  1. Ken & Patti permalink

    Praise the Lord for the safe travel. So 20 extra duffle bags is excessive? Wish we could join you for some Thai food (but not the crunchy silkworms). Side note for Jonathan J: Elizabeth Ford has left her country and just arrived in Chiang Mai at the Juniper House to have their second child. Tony & Karen will arrive there the day you come out of the hills. Small world! God bless you with travel mercies on your drive.

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