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Kijabe Men


A Choir of Men

I had the privilege of sharing the word with the men of the church in Kijabe this week. What a night! The men gathered to hear the word and to sing together as brothers. We heard Swahili songs sung and prayers offered to the Lord by the men of Kijabe. The sound of 40 men singing together in Swahili was amazing. Though our cultures are different and we share the same love for the Lord and a desire to glorify God in our lives.

After the time of singing and share in the word, there was the customary drinking of Chai and the enjoyment of a Mondazi (sort of a doughnut type of pastry) The men sat and chatted, laughed and enjoyed one another’s company. It was fun to see the similarities in our cultures. For example: the men went around the circle introducing themselves and telling us what village they were from. The introductions made there way around the circle to a man who had no thumb. The Pastor stopped the introductions to tell us the story of why this man had no thumb. He said that he was walking down the road and was attacked by a Hyena. While the Hyena was eating his thumb, he was beating the Hyena with a stick. Fortunately for this man, he was able to strike enough blows to the Hyena that he let go of the thumb and ran away. The humor in it all for me was that they busted this guys chops all night for his incident. They laughed about it together and he seemed to have become a local hero. Everyone knew him as the guy that beat up the Hyena with a stick.

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