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What a ride…

Today we began our 15-hour train ride from Nairobi to Mombasa. We will have the distinct privilege of riding this 1900’s British throwback for the next four days. This trip has been full of experiences that words seem inadequate to describe. Most of the experiences thus far have been difficult to handle, the train ride however, has been the comic relief of the trip. I’m hoping to put some of the video online as soon as possible.

Jen and I are sharing a 7×8 sleeper car with the Downs. We have been neighbors for several months, but now, things are getting intimate. You can learn a ton about people when you are functioning without sleep and stuck in an all night sleeper train with your friends. The smells and sounds of a train are fascinating to experience. We enjoyed dinner in the dining car. I felt like I was in a Harry Potter or Chronicles of Narnia movie. The train clanked its way from Nairobi east towards Mombasa. The slow rocking was almost lulling us to sleep. Except for the loud noise and the heat, it was a very pleasant night.

We watched the sunrise over the African wilderness. Even as I write this we are slowly clanking our way through the middle of nowhere.

The team is doing well. All are healthy and moral is high. They have worked hard and are ready for a day of rest.

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